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The web site is owned and operated by Transactum Pty Limited (ACN 067 649 414) from Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Transactum Pty Limited

As a result of Extrapoles Pty Limited ((ACN 067 649 414) merger with Transactum Pty Limited (ACN 126 006 577)

on 16th of August 2012, the company ACN 067 649 414 assumed the name Transactum Pty Limited.


Help eliminate consistency-availability and consistency-throughput design tradeoffs with data systems.


We have experimentally confirmed the correctness of following:

        1. System partitions caused by network partitions are preventable.

        2. Linearizable synchronous replication can have negligible effect on latency.

        3. Distributed transactions with a scaled out data system can increase the throughput.

Managing Director

Ivan Klianev   BEE, MSc in Cybernetics, MBA

Company History

Extrapoles Pty Limited (ACN 067 649 414) was incorporated in 1994 in Sydney, NSW, Australia


Ivan Klianev and Lucy Klianev


Software Design, Development, and IT consulting


  • Westpac Bank,
  • Compaq Computers,
  • Digital Equipment Corp.,
  • Atmosphera (Siemens Nixdorf),
  • Telecom MessageTech,
  • Aristocrat Leisure Industries,
  • Pacific Communication,
  • Hypercom.